About Viking Quest

So why Viking Quest?

Choose your favorite (equally valid) reason:

  1. Vikings are perhaps Norway’s most famous export.  The classic rape, pillage, and plunder trifecta created quite sensation in the North Atlantic a few years back.  As an homage to this noble tradition a neutral acknowledgment of this period of history, the name helps visitors realize that I am writing about Norway. 
  2. The Vikings from choice #1 explored a vast region, reaching as far as North America.  Although the reasons for their quest for exploration are debated, I decided to return the favor by leaving North America and invading Norway.  Thus, I am on a “Viking Quest” of my own.
  3. I like Entourage and I’m pretty sure that Viking Quest is the best fake television show of all time.  How could any show top this look and slogan?
  4. It was the best name I could come up with. 
    And I asked a lot of people.  Really.

Ok, well, what about vikingquest.wordpress.com? 

This site was born on August 27, 2008, about three weeks after I moved to Norway.  A glorious first post (“This is the first post“) kicked off the blog.

Like I mentioned in that post, I hope to offer something akin to insight about Norway and the Norwegian culture.  The most important tool at my disposal is my foreign nationality.

Best case scenario: a humorous look into modern Norway
Worst case scenario: Norwegians accuse me of hating their country, threaten my life, and mercifully deport me

Isn’t that domain name a bit long?


If I get any regular readership, I might spring for vikingquest.com or vikingquest.org or some other variation.  Until then, I will thank WordPress.com for their generosity in hosting the blog for free.

What’s in that picture on the top of the page?

That is a picture that I took in the summer of 2007.  I was standing on the bluff near Akershus Castle, overlooking part of the Oslo Fjord.  Depicted prominently in the picture are Aker Brygge, the Nobel Peace Center, and the Vika area of Oslo.

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