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And after that short delay…

…I’m back to posting.  At least hopefully for both of my dedicated readers. 😉

In all seriousness, it’s hard to get back into the flow of posting when you stop.  But, here’s a shot.

Luckily for me, nothing really happened in Norway while I was gone.  I mean, not riots or anything. 

Oh, one remarkable thing did happen.  DRILLO IS BACK!

I’m excited about this for several reasons (even if they claim it’s only temporary):

  1. Hareide is no longer the coach (he of the winless 2008).
  2. Drillo has had success coaching Norway before, leading the tiny country to great soccer heights.
  3. Those successful teams played really, really boring soccer.  So boring that even the English style could be considered easier on the eyes.
  4. If he repeats success, the ensuing metaphysical crisis about whether it is better to have a team that wins and is painful to watch or whether it is better to play like Brazil and lose will keep me entertained at parties for the indefinite future.

It was only a dream

In the wake of Norway’s 1-0 loss last night to the Netherlands, its chances of qualifying for the 2010 World Cup are almost down to zero.  Norway currently sits in last place in Group 9 with only 2 points.  Not surprisingly, journalists and fans are calling for the head coach, Åge Hareide, to quit

“I’m willing to take responsibility,” says team’s head coach, “but I’m not willing to quit just because a bunch of journalists want me to.”

Well, Åge, perhaps you should quit because your team hasn’t won a match in 2008, not because anyone is telling you to. 

Norway’s next qualifying match is June 2009.  Maybe some young players will step up and save Norway before then.