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As I mentioned on Friday, there have been a ton of gray, overcast days in a row here.  We finally saw a tiny bit of sunshine in the middle of the day on Saturday (literally, like 1 hour of sunshine), but for the most part gray, gray, gray.  No snow, but lots of gray.

When I was visiting with my fiancee’s grandparents, they mentioned a term for this period that I hadn’t heard yet: kakelinna.  According to the Norwegian wikipedia page, this concept describes a mild weather period in December, right before Christmas.  In the old days, people believed that the mild weather was the result of all the traditional Christmas baking.  That is, all the people using their ovens caused the weather to become warmer!

Like many beliefs from simpler times, this one has been abandoned in favor of modern science.  The term lives on, however, to describe this period before “fullvinter” or full winter sets in.  To Norwegian eyes the weather may have been mild, but as a southerner, it sure seemed full to me.