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A nice morning in Oslo

After staying up late last night to watch US election results (until CNN called Ohio, then I knew it was over), I trudged off very sleepily this morning.  I was excited, but also exhausted.  That is, until I started meeting people. 

People from all around the world in my class this morning were absolutely thrilled to talk to me.  Collectively, the energy level of the room was at least twice as high as any class before.  I’m well aware that this honeymoon phase with President-elect NotBush will likely wear off.  Obama will eventually say or do some things that upset the rest of the world.  I know this is true. 

Even so, it sure felt nice to have people excited about the fact that I am American.  It felt nice to not immediately begin a conversation on the defensive.  It felt nice to see others enthusiastic about my country again. 

polarI guess we all just want to be liked.

On a side note, this was easily the best campaign sign I saw here in Oslo (apologies for the camera phone pic). 

I love its tongue-in-cheek support.