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Goodbye Aftenposten

Well, at least the English version

Media house Aftenposten in Oslo, faced with a need to dramatically cut costs, has decided to shut down its nine-year-old English-language news service, “News in English.”

Aftenposten announced last month that it needs to cut NOK 100 million (nearly USD 20 million) in costs over the next two years. Early retirement incentives and severance pay packages have been offered to employees in an effort to reduce staff through attrition.

The hard-working staff at Viking Quest steals borrows a lot of stories from it, so the site will be missed.  I guess our loyal readers will now be seeing more articles from the Norway Post.

When in Rome?

An interesting article in the Norway Post* today is a first-person-newly-off-the-plane story of a Canadian experiencing Norwegian cuisine. 

[M]y palate is adjusting and even reveling in the food of my new home, Bergen.

Luckily, embracing Norwegian cuisine won’t be too difficult. Only two weeks living in Norway and my beloved peanut butter is a distant memory, happily replaced with cheese and bacon spread.

In my time living and studying abroad, I’ve struggled with this dilemma.  Do I embrace the local culture and try to eat like a local or do I eat what I like best (most often an American version of things)? 

After several experiences living and traveling abroad, my rough rubric is this:

  • If I will only be in a place for a week or two, then I will try local things and attempt to eat like a local.  Ideally, I’ll learn about the culture and pick up some new dishes to enjoy.
  • If I will be in the place longer than that, I will try local dishes at least two or three times.  If they still haven’t grown on me, I’ll avoid them and eat either local dishes I like or American style dishes.

So while I had fårikål for dinner last night with my fiancee’s family, “cheese and bacon spread” ain’t got nothing on a peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch today. 

*The Norway Post is an online, English-language paper about Norway.  So, it’s kind of like this blog except that is has real news.  And a staff.  And a regular publication schedule.  OK, so it’s nothing like this blog except we both cover Norwegian-y stuff.