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Cup er cup

Literally, the Norwegian saying is “cup is cup.”  In a more figurative sense, anything can happen in a cup game.  And for Stabæk, anything did. 

The same Stabæk team that finished 24 points ahead of Vålerenga and beat Vålerenga 6-2 a few weeks ago got beat by Vålerenga 4-1 yesterday in the Norwegian Cup Final. 

Sometimes a team gets a few lucky breaks and the game goes their way.  This wasn’t one of those games.

Vålerenga thoroughly dominated the game.  Striker Mohammed Abdellaoue had a fantastic game, terrorizing the Stabæk defense, and finishing with 2 goals and an assist.  Goalkeeper Troy Perkins also had excellent game, stopping almost all of the few chances Stabæk mustered.

Congratulations to Vålerenga!  That was easily the best game I had seen them play all year.

Stabæk wins the league

Last night Stabæk finished off a fine season, beating Vålerenga 6-2.  Among other facts:

  • The win clinched their first Tippeligaen title.
  • The win was the last match ever in Nadderud Stadion.  Stabæk is moving to the new 15,000 seat Telenor Arena next year.
  • They even scored a goal directly off a corner kick.  I’m sure Vålerenga’s keeper, Troy Perkins, isn’t thrilled with his play on that one.
  • They were only promoted to the Tippeliga in 2005, marking a rapid ascent to the top.
  • The two teams will meet again in two weeks in the Norwegian Cup final.  Stabæk will be heavily favored to win that match and take the double.
  • The season technically isn’t over yet, but next week’s match against Tromsø doesn’t matter at all for Stabæk.  Around the league, 4 teams are fighting for 3rd (and a spot in the UEFA Cup Europa League).  Most interestingly, Aalesund and HamKan are struggling to see which one will be auto-relegated and which will be in the relegation playoff. 

Perhaps I should have picked Stabæk as my team.  I think the faction in their logo effectively ruled that out though.  Who needs math at a soccer match?

Yes, I know it’s really a date, but it looks like a fraction.

My favorite Norwegian soccer team is…

…reply hazy, try later.

In all seriousness, I love soccer.  It might be my favorite sport.  Therefore, I figure that I should probably pick a Norwegian team to support.  Here’s my totally scientific analysis:

  • The team has to play in the Tippeliga I’m a huge soccer fan, but I don’t feel the need to attach myself to a 3rd division team with no shot of ever promoting.

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