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Nobel Peace Prize and Human Rights Day

December 10th.  Peace Prize day.  It’s the one day every year that the world turns its attention to Oslo.  For those of you planning on joining us in Oslo, the forecast for today is a balmy 23F/-5C. 

(I can only imagine how excited the Norwegian Tourism people must have been when they initially heard that the Peace Prize would be awarded every December 10th. 

“You mean we get one a shot a year at showing off the beauty of Norway and you guys picked #!*%ing December 10th?  It’s cold and dark and miserable!  We quit.”)

Martti Ahtisaari will receive the award later today.  If you’re interested in watching live, click here

December 10th is also known as Human Rights Day, in honor of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights being adopted by the U.N. General Assembly on December 10, 1948, marking today as the 60th anniversary.

So go out there and celebrate, wherever you are in the world.  If you can’t make it here, I’ll have a 65 kroner (~$9) beer for you. 


The Republic of Perpetual Winter?

At least if these guys have their way:

New northern party aims to secede from Norway

What started as a group of disgruntled residents of northern Norway on web site Facebook is now emerging as a new political party bent on breaking away from the rest of the nation.

Ok, the real name they want is Republikken Hålogaland, but I think my name is more accurate. 

This is my favorite part of Aftenposten’s article (not editorial), describing the group’s founder:

Winther seems to be one angry man, unleashing a stream of derogatory comments about his “arrogant” still-fellow Norwegians in the south and east.

I wonder how much the per capita income would go up in the rest of Norway if this actually happened.  The southern part of Norway is where almost all of the oil, industry, and tourism is and the proposed new republic is where a lot of the government subsidies currently go.  Maybe the government should wish them well and close the deal as quickly as possible.