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Stabæk wins the league

Last night Stabæk finished off a fine season, beating Vålerenga 6-2.  Among other facts:

  • The win clinched their first Tippeligaen title.
  • The win was the last match ever in Nadderud Stadion.  Stabæk is moving to the new 15,000 seat Telenor Arena next year.
  • They even scored a goal directly off a corner kick.  I’m sure Vålerenga’s keeper, Troy Perkins, isn’t thrilled with his play on that one.
  • They were only promoted to the Tippeliga in 2005, marking a rapid ascent to the top.
  • The two teams will meet again in two weeks in the Norwegian Cup final.  Stabæk will be heavily favored to win that match and take the double.
  • The season technically isn’t over yet, but next week’s match against Tromsø doesn’t matter at all for Stabæk.  Around the league, 4 teams are fighting for 3rd (and a spot in the UEFA Cup Europa League).  Most interestingly, Aalesund and HamKan are struggling to see which one will be auto-relegated and which will be in the relegation playoff. 

Perhaps I should have picked Stabæk as my team.  I think the faction in their logo effectively ruled that out though.  Who needs math at a soccer match?

Yes, I know it’s really a date, but it looks like a fraction.


So much for the Tromsø Olympics

Ha det 2018:

The Board of the Norwegian Confederation of Sports (NIF) on Monday decided to withdraw the application for the city of Tromsoe to host the Winter Olympic Games in 2018, due to the escalating costs.

Well, at least we’re spared from hearing sportscasters use the phrase “The Paris of the North” ad nauseam.

My favorite Norwegian soccer team is…

…reply hazy, try later.

In all seriousness, I love soccer.  It might be my favorite sport.  Therefore, I figure that I should probably pick a Norwegian team to support.  Here’s my totally scientific analysis:

  • The team has to play in the Tippeliga I’m a huge soccer fan, but I don’t feel the need to attach myself to a 3rd division team with no shot of ever promoting.

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