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Troy Perkins is kind of like me…

…except he got to meet the King.  Other than that, two peas in a pod.

Both of us lived in Washington, DC.  Both of us own DC United gear.  Both of us moved to Oslo this year.  Both of us are American

Actually, that might be about it.

Troy got called in to the United States National Team and its official blog caught up with him for an interesting interview.  My favorite parts below the jump…

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Irish flags on Karl Johan’s gate?

When I walked by the university this morning, I noticed Irish flags along Karl Johan’s gate and wondered if I’d missed the announcement about the Irish invasion.  Fear not, denizens of Oslo.

Oslo’s main boulevard was cleared of all traffic on Tuesday, and the Irish and Norwegian flags wove side by side. The president of Ireland, Mary McAleese (center, next to King Harald), is in town for a state visit.

It still was a very odd sight to see the green, white, and orange.