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Concert summary

Good show, particularly for a band that has been together for only a year.  The only real problem was that it was much too short at approximately 25 minutes.  I realize the festival has tons of acts at lots of venues, but 25 minutes is barely enough time to let an artist get warmed up.

That being said, by:Larm is still going on today and tomorrow and it is possible to see a lot of bands in a little time. 

Headed to see My Little Pony tonight

While I don’t have a ton of disposable income, for those that do and love music, the by:Larm festival/conference is fantastic.  You get to see tons of Nordic bands over 3 days at fairly reasonable prices.  It’s a great way to hear lots of new music and support bands trying to make it.

I’ll be doing my part by attending a show by the aforementioned My Little Pony.  If their sound in the studio translates even decently well to the stage then it’ll be a great show.

Here’s a video from them:

Sunshine (and music)

Yesterday was actually sunny in Oslo, a true rarity in the wintertime.  A fairly regular discussion between my Norwegian fiancée and me goes like this:

Me: I’m so sick of the darkness OR
Me: Holy shit, it was sunny today!  It was fantastic!

Her: I just don’t understand why you/foreigners care so much about the weather.  You shouldn’t let it dictate your mood.

Me: (Some rationalization about how growing up in Norway makes Norwegians used to the darkness in the winter and how the rest of the planet can’t handle it.  Occasionally throw in references to Seasonal Affective Disorder.)

So anyway, yesterday she sent me a link to a Norwegian indie band, My Little Pony

First of all, they are pretty great; you should check them out.  Second, the song “The Sun Turns” proves that at least some Norwegians are also obsessed with the darkness and depressed by it too. 

I feel vindicated. 

(And February is about a hundred times better than December.  It gets dark at a reasonable time now and gets lighter and lighter every day.)